Improve your school climate through anti-bias and bullying prevention education.


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Inspire students to be agents of change.

Learn how to modify our program in a virtual classroom during COVID-19.

Create Meaningful Opportunities for Learning

Tap into your creativity to develop activities that inspire respect for differences, inclusion and allyship.

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School-wide Impact

A shift in culture requires all students have the opportunity to participate in No Place for Hate activities.

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Active Learning

Change is possible when students actively engage in collective learning and community building.

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Facilitating a discussion around topics of bias and bullying can be daunting, but it is essential to making the learning stick.

Use Our Activity Library

ADL provides pre-approved activities that engage the full school community.

Make a Commitment to Minimize Harm

Even with the best intentions, an activity can inadvertently reinforce behaviors that you are trying to eliminate. Having a diverse committee that always asks, “How might this activity harm students?” is a great way to explore solutions.

Additional Resources

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Lesson Plans

Our collection of solutions for educators and students promotes critical thinking and learning through the lens of diversity, bias and social justice. 

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Books Matter

Featured selections in ADL’s collection of 800+ books come with discussion guides for teachers and parents to help turn them into a No Place for Hate activity.